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As a young man growing up in a small town in upstate South Carolina, William Brunson Stafford always dreamed of an exciting career in a big city.  Knowing that a fine college education was the first step toward the fulfillment of his dreams, he became an  exemplary high school student who focused on his studies and his extracurricular activities involving art and music. His decision to attend the College of Charleston in the charming, genteel city of Charleston, South Carolina, led Mr. Stafford to take the first steps toward a successful career in branding, marketing and public relations.

Recognized as a hardworking, creative and talented student, Mr. Stafford was selected as the assistant to the fashion editor of Charleston Magazine, who was also the creative director for Charleston Fashion Week. This allowed Mr. Stafford to produce editorial content within Charleston Magazine; from fashion shoots to fashion columns, as well has have a hands-on experience with Charleston Fashion Week by helping choose clothing to be shown at the fashion shows. This opportunity in college opened the doors of high-fashion to him, and his success with this venture led him to New York City and to a job as a Public Relations Account Coordinator with Seventh House PR.  There he honed his skills as a writer by creating press releases and pitches; scouting and signing new businesses; coordinating participation in fashion trade shows, such as Coterie; managing RSVP lists and seating for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and many other marketing and public relations activities. Among the brands he represented were Charlotte Ronson, GuiSHEM, ODD Molly, Victor de Souza, and Lublue, among others.

Following his success with Seventh House, he moved to Sister Tribes where he assumed the Account Executive position of the fashion division, overseeing all clients’ press activity and directing fashion shows and client events for the agency.  He worked with leading national and regional editors as well as broadcast, trade, and online media outlets by successfully pitching new press angles and securing press placements. He fully planned and organized seating and obtained pre and post press for designers for New York Fashion Week – totaling 10 shows and presentations a season for two years.  Among the clients he worked with were Alax W. Diamond, LITKE, Margaux Lonnberg, Valentine Gauthier, Ivana Helsinki, HADRIA, and Electric Picks.

Always seeking new challenges and opportunities to advance his career,  Mr. Stafford accepted a position as a Senior Account Executive with Collective Communications.  At Collective Communications he developed and implemented yearly press strategies for emerging and established ready-to-wear and accessories designers – as well as writing press releases, media alerts and brand materials for all clients.  He secured placements in national, regional, broadcast, trade and online media outlets by innovatively pitching new press angles daily.  He produced pop-up shops for clients in New York City which received notable press in fashion trade publications and local news stations.  At this stage of his career, he was tasked with the responsibility of producing and executing client events, ranging from intimate dinners to large product-based fashion shows and presentations. The success of these events helped Mr. Stafford to become noticed by many other public relations firms in New York. Clients he was responsible for included HADIRA, Heather Lawton, Andrew W. Diamond, DEGEN, A Fine Line, Well Kept, Silsupa, Gelareh Mizrahi, Electric Picks, and Katie Gallagher.

Becoming a public relations director for a showroom was his next goal, and the Edite and French Rebellion Showroom enticed him to join their office. In this new position he managed a team of nine employees where he trained them to draft pitches and press releases, produce social media content, write monthly client reports, secure desk sides and press placements, and produce events for 30 clients across fashion and lifestyle divisions. Among the noted desingers he represented were Carmen Marc Valvo, Zynni Cashmere, Parme Marin, Seafarer, Margaux Lonnberg, Albertine, MKT Studio, BOIS cologne, Inouitoosh, Kallmeyer, Nicholas Messina, Heather Lawton, Ruiz Musi, Yeah Bunny, and Tiny Om. He planned and executed fashion clients’ seasonal presentations for both New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week – including venue scouting and model castings, invitation design and mailing, RSVP tracking and management, front and back-of house press check-in, securing sponsors, and securing pre and post press coverage – totaling to 50 events over the course of his time there. Placing the designs of several of his clients on several stars who walked the red carpet at the Emmys and Oscars highlighted this stage of his career as this opened the world of celebrity dressing to him. Additionally he secured designer Carmen Marc Valco ringing the opening Nasdaq bell for both the Colon Cancer Alliance and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Through hard work, determination, creativity, and talent, William Brunson Stafford has become a successful professional in the fashion industry.  From a small town in South Carolina to the fabulous fashion capitols of New York and Paris, he has emerged as a marketing and branding expert in his field.

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